No 77 CLEAN GREEN WATER Diffuser Oil

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Our luxury Diffuser Oils are versatile way to scent your surroundings with your favorite niche perfumes.

Float away to the apex of a pristine white Alpine mountain with this fragrance that is reminiscent of the invigorating, cool air. Our compound of Creed Silver Mountain Water starts off with crisp, zesty notes of Bergamot and Mandarin that give way to a refreshing, herbal green tea that’s aerated with a salty touch of ozone. You’ll need a moment to savor every exhilarating note.

The Notes

Top Notes: Bergamot and Mandarin Orange
Middle Notes: Green Tea and Black Currant
Base Notes: Galbanum, Musk, White wood, Sandalwood, Petit grain


To Use:

Add 8-10 drops( or 1 pipette) to your ultrasonic diffuser, ceramic diffuser or car diffuser to diffuse this luxury diffuser oil throughout your space.

To make your Eau De Parfum scent linger longer, add a few drops to unscented body lotion and layer under your EDP!

About Our Impressions...

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Maria N.
didn't know I would love

I didn't realize I would love smelling Creed Silver Mountain Water as an apartment fragrance, but let me tell you its soooo good.

Lucy R.
Great gift

This stuff smells great and was the perfect gift along with a diffuser.

Carmen C.
smells just like creed silver mountain water

I found 77 clean green water via tiktok and was so excited to try it because I love the Creed Silver Mountain Water fragrance. I was not disappointed! This scent is a dead-on dupe for the original and smells amazing. It is long-lasting and powerful, but not overwhelming. I will definitely be buying this again! Made my whole house smell great!

Susie M.
turn up the smell

you will love this one and for sure turn up the time it has to fill your room with PERFECT scent