We Are 100% Risk-Free

Buying fragrance should make you happy, not stress you out.

No, really....We aren't joking.

We know scent is personal and since you can't just walk to the mall to smell our products (because face it, our prices would be ALOT higher) we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Should for any reason you not like a scent, hit us up at concierge@miimmiic.com and we will begin the return process. It's that simple...

Here's How It Works

Step 1: Pick your favorites

Order up to 5 scents at a time. Shipping is always free for 3 bottles or more.

Step 2: Smell & Spray

All orders are always risk-free and returnable, with or without a 2ml sample. If no sample is included, simply test out the full-size bottle. You can try each fragrance before making any commitment.

Step 3: Keep what you love

Return any bottles you choose not to keep within 30 days, no questions asked

Still have questions?

We love to hear from you! Whether it's about a return or how much you love our products, drop us a line at