No 37 Watery Green Citrus Diffuser Oil

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Our luxury Diffuser Oils are versatile way to scent your surroundings with your favorite niche perfumes.

Fresh, like the pristine Caribbean beaches, refreshing handcrafted cocktails, and their zesty fruit concoctions. The No 37 Watery Green Citrus is inspired by Jo Malone Lime Basil Mandarin. The perfume creates a sense of morning freshness as it opens up with the trio of lime, mandarin, and bergamot. The kick is balanced with a rich mix of velvety, peppery, and powdery florals in the middle and a warm, leathery smell of patchouli and vetiver.

The Notes

TOP NOTES: Green Tea, Bergamot, Mandarin
MIDDLE NOTES: Petitgrain, Neroli, Blackcurrant
BASE NOTES: Musk, Sandalwood, Orris


To Use:

Add 8-10 drops( or 1 pipette) to your ultrasonic diffuser, ceramic diffuser or car diffuser to diffuse this luxury diffuser oil throughout your space.

To make your Eau De Parfum scent linger longer, add a few drops to unscented body lotion and layer under your EDP!

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Customer Reviews

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Ernest M.
get it

loved the scent from the start

Tiffany S.

I love the scent! Definitely a good buy

Anna P.
its ok

didn't love but it lasted forever.