Get gifts in time for Christmas!

Get gifts in time for Christmas!

Our founder has quite the reputation for selecting the perfect gift for any occasion. Here are his top choices for everyone special in your life.


Our founders top choices for the perfect gift below!

For Mom

Mom's love flowers and whats better than a floral that works on everyone?
No. 14 is our dupe of Jo Malone Peony Blush and Suede - luxurious, seductive & charming.

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For Dad

Nothing makes Dads happier than smelling like old money. Our No. 77 is a dupe for Creeds Silver Mountain Water. Invigorating luxury and purity in a bottle.

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For Your Sister

We know she has Melanie's song on repeat but nothing will make her happier than smelling like her favorite singer. While the real scent is discontinued our No. 52 is making fans super happy!

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For Your Boss

We had to add a unisex scent that everyone loves our No 66 is perfect. Le Labo charges $215 but ours is $49 and smells of Incense and Wood.

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