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Perfection took a little bit of extra time but we are thrilled to announce :

No 18: Floral & Musk Accords

Our Dupe Of Golf Le Fleur FRENCH WALTZ


The rich, floral notes of rose and jasmine are complemented by the warm, woody scent of sandalwood, while hints of mandarin and magnolia give this fragrance its luminous sparkle.

No 45: Floral & Musk Accords Duo

Introducing no 45, a sweet yet floral rose-musk that is designed to appeal to everyone. The top notes bring the lively scents of Jasmine, Mandarin, and Pear for an uplifting start. Then, the middle notes embrace a luxurious combination of White Rose, Mimosa and Lily of the Valley are blended to create a heart with a soft floral touch. The dry down brings together elements like Black Pepper, Sandalwood Musk for a unique blend that is truly unforgettable. Reminiscent of secret gardens on summer days spent outdoors, this captivating unisex fragrance is destined to be your signature scent.

Duo contains 1 EDP Spray and 1 Roll -On Perfume

EDP is 1.7 ounce, Roll-On is 10ml

Paraben and Sulfate Free

Backed by the MIIM.MIIC scent guarantee


$81.00 Value 21% off


The Collection



No 45: FLORAL & MUSK ACCORDS Roll-On Perfume




No 45: FLORAL & MUSK ACCORDS Diffuser Oil


What Our Fans Are Saying

"Been waiting on this one for a while so when I got a chance to preview it I jumped.  Huge fan of the original and my girlfriend CANNOT tell the difference.  My wallet can.

Jason S.

Verified Buyer

"I use the original and I was down to the last of the bottle my family got me for graduation so when I went to order more I freaked.  No. 45 is amazing, it smells like 🔥"

Kamaal V.

Verified Buyer

"I've tried a couple of the other MIIM.MIIC scents and not gonna lie they've been dead on.  No 45 is no different and it last's a LONG time"

Nicole J.

Verified Buyer

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