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Who we are

The price you pay is not the cost of the liquid in the bottle. In fact, the juice in the bottle isa tiny fraction of the cost! When you buy a fragrance at retail you’re paying for the store profits, the celebrity models and photo shoots, insane marketing costs like billboards and samples and then for someone else to make it for the company. All of this ads up so we decided to do things a little differently.


A luxury fragrance house creating interpretations that are completely indistinguishable from their designer inspirations.

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We make buying fragrance simple & fun!

Step 1: Pick Your Scents

We know buying a fragrance online can be tough BUT you already know what most of ours smell like (hint hint: expensive). You can always take our quiz to discover new ones we know you'll love.

Step 2: Spray & Smell

All orders are always risk-free and returnable, with or without a 2ml sample. If no sample is included, simply test out the full-size bottle. You can try each fragrance before making any commitment.

Keep What You Love

Return any bottles you choose not to keep within 30 days, no questions asked.

The Fragrances

Formulated with 18-20% fragrance oils, our Eau De Perfums are vegan and eco-friendly, 100% non-toxic and cruelty-free.

The Diffuser Oils

Our versatile Diffuser Oils now come in all of you favorite scents.


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